Internet has become the most outstanding source of information, knowledge and entertainment for everybody. It provides children as well as adults with a world of exciting opportunities, games, educational programs, research and information.

It also gives the opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family or to make new friends through chat rooms.
While the Internet provides unlimited opportunities for meeting others, these opportunities can be both useful and dangerous. Some websites may also contain obscene content that is not suitable for our kids.

Family Internet service is a new service created to make the internet a better place to live in terms of doing an internet content control. TE Data developed this to provide superior internet experience while eliminating all of the internet indecent content that might affect your children.

TE Data launched this service as a response to parents needs in protecting their kids from the threats that the Internet could impose. Family Internet will filter all the undesirable websites before they reach your kids.

With TE Data you and your family will be safe and free.
We are always keen to provide superior internet service that matches our customers'